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Born into a musical environment, "Emanuel J" Gauna developed his love of music at the youthful age of 7 years. His love of music inaugurated him to learn many musical instruments and to establish a passion in him which would drive him to pursue a life in music. Emanuel is a self taught musician and vocalist, learning his own technique to create his own unique style and sound.


At the age of 13 years, Emanuel constructed an interest in music production. Recording and arranging songs with his twin brother, Emiliano, it assisted Emanuel with a grasp of better knowledge in music production through trial and error. Years of learning the basic concepts of recording music, Emanuel decided it was time to get serious about his talent in music production.


Moving his talent toward more artists in Tejano music, Emanuel has had the opportunity to work with multiple artists and musicians as a Producer and Musician. Growing in his career of music, Emanuel has learned a substantial amount of knowledge with producing and musicianship as well as business. Emanuel wants to establish himself as a producer many artists would want to work with.


Emanuel was also the lead singer for "Behind the Scenes Band" in Pueblo, Colorado. The band was under the direction of VMB Music Group after recording their first single "Desde Que Te Vi", which was written by Emanuel J.

After making the move to San Antonio, Emanuel J utilized his musical talents to perform with artists like La Dezz, and David Lee Garza y Los Musicales; Getting his experience at the "Tejano University". Emanuel J is currently the keyboardist and background vocalist for Bobby Pulido's USA tour band.

Emanuel J released his debut album entitled "Palabras De Amor" on May 19th 2020. Palabras De Amor, words of love; more than just a title of one of the ten songs on the album. Its meaning bleeds into every song on this romantic album. He teamed up with Grammy Award winning producer, Gilbert Velasquez, in San Antonio Texas to make this 10 track album an album worth buying. Stay tuned, this is only the beginning.

Following the release of his first album, Emanuel J released his sophomore album 2 years later. "Numero Dos", the second album by Emanuel J was released February 2nd, 2022. A 10 track album produced by none other than Emanuel J himself; Opening doors into the producing world of Tejano music.

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